Madikwe (2006)
Photos per year (number): 2006 (59)
Our first encounter: a giraffe on the road

The comfortable bedroom

Photographing weaver birds in front of our room

A colourful grasshopper

A strange beetle

Who you looking at?

A bug, up close

Morning cleanup

Our first sighting: a cameleon

Rhinoceros mother and teenager

Young rhinoceros with its mother

A great view of rhinos in Madikwe

Impala crowd

Dung beetle working hard

Impala mother and baby

A red-beaked hornbill

Rainbow and landscape

An African setting

Here is an elephant!

Elephants eating away

Young elephant

Elephant face

Eating and eating

2 young male zebras


Blue wildebeest

Photos at sunset

Our guide Jonny

Full moon on Madikwe

A blurry impression of a black rhino...

The dinner table

Camp lit with petrol lamps

A gecko by a lamp

Morning encounter with an upset female elephant

Glorious sunrise

Lions against the setting sun

Three young male lions

Lying quietly on the dry run

The most mature young male

Lone bull African buffalo

Kori bustard

Flying kori bustard

A millipede

Leopard claw marks on a tree trunk

Colourful bug

A solitary bee at rest

Wahlberg's eagle in his nest

Reaching for tender young leaves

Giraffe eating

Tiny bird with a long tail

Right beneath a male weaver at work

Full butterfly season

A small red flower

Bright colours of a caterpillar

Weaving a new nest

Repairing an old nest

Huge ants clearing the entrance after rain

Petrol lamps for the camp

Mating grasshoppers



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