Magkadikadi Pans (2003)
Photos per year (number): 2003 (39)
Antelope tracks in the river bed

The dry river bed near Leroo La Tau is the setting of a stunning start to our wildlife experience

Bushbuck mother and baby

Shy steenbok eating

Shy steenbok interrupting its lunch

Pale-chanting goshawk

Lionness at night

Lion cub at night

Springhare at night

Brown snake eagle

Vultures in the palm trees of the river bed

Perched eagle


Vultures feeding on a dead wildebeest

Black-backed jackals

The gory image of death

A feeding orgy

Vultures awaiting their turn

A vulture impresses the others

Warthogs enjoying a meal

Kudus weary of our presence

Hippo going to cool in one of the rare pools left in the river bed

Hippos on the shore of a small pool

Carcass of a wildebeest

Remains of a wildebeest

Zebra carcass

Beautiful palm trees in the river bed

Wildebeests running off

The river bed marks the separation between wildlife and cattle

Stripes of life and death

A dog enjoys a free meal of zebra

Vultures abound in the river bed

Sandgrouse fill up with water for their young

Lilac breasted roller

Crocodile in a shrinking pond

African fish eagle

Trying to get out of the sand

Brown snake eagle

Grey lourie



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