Melaka (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (33)
Place famous for its chicken rice ball

Driving up to Melaka

Asleep in the car

Old colonial street

Colonial arcades

Chinese shrine

A small river runs through Melaka

Derelict building in central Melaka

Christ Church

Kitsch of the rickshaws

Stadthuys and central square

The old Dutch Stadthuys

Contrasting city centre

Old Chinese houses of Jonkers area

Well kept peranakan houses

A man walks past a beautiful peranakan house

Colourful Chinese area

Deep inside a peranakan house

Street lanterns

Chinese temple

Selling peanuts

Waiting in a shop

Wedding pictures in a temple

The bride and groom prepare the photos

Orang Utan House

A brilliant mirror effect

Relaxing and eating in Melaka

Christ Church

Statue at St Paul's Church

Children pose for a group photo

Old Dutch tombstone

Picture for a school group

Saying goodbye before the return to Singapore



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