Nara (2006)
Photos per year (number): 2006 (55)
Entrance gate to Horyu-ji temple

Detail of a roof figure lion

Beauty of the site

A group of tourists gets a big picture taken

Entering the centre of Horyu-ji

Horyu-ji pagoda


Main shrine

Beautiful and massive wooden structure

The ancient bronze buddhas

Gold-covered Buddha

What a tourist!

Sun and wind brushing the temple building

Beautiful details on the roof

A tortuous old tree

Purifying water

Suddenly snow, in the Horyu-ji treasures museum

Lovely snow flakes at Horyu-ji

A simple side building at Horyu-ji

Snow storm at Horyu-ji!

The scene changes completely with the snow

Picturesque and timeless snow on Horyu-ji

Feeding the cheeky deer near Todai-ji

Curiosity meets fright

Those deer are hungry for more from the tourists

Here come the deer!

Deer food for sale

Feeding the deer in Nara

Welcome to Todai-ji

Cheeky deer of Todai-ji up close

Massive entrance to Todai-ji

Impressive wooden entrance

Splendid Todai-ji temple at sunset

How splendid is Todai-ji?

The biggest bronze Buddha in Japan at Todai-ji

Peace of the Buddha

Another bright bronze Buddha

Fearsome wooden warrior

The hole that brings luck to those who pass through it

Working my way inside the hole in the pillar

Making my way through the lucky hole

Squeezing my way out

Large butterfly on a decorative bronze vase

Peaceful sunset colours in the empty Todai-ji

Detail of Todai-ji's monumental facade

Quietness of Todai-ji

A few deer remain as the night falls

Simple light of Todai-ji's gate

An old wooden house

Koy carps

Charm of Japanese wooden houses

A simple pagoda in Nara

Shrine in Nara

Each shrine is unique

Having dinner



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