New York (2006)
Photos per year (number): 2006 (51)
A new home for Claire and Gotz

Hotel Chelsea

The New York metro

Can't be mistaken - this is NYC

Brooklyn Bridge

The Empire State Building - just turned 75!

Walking up the Brooklyn Bridge

Impressive construction

Manhattan skyline

A far view of the Statue of Liberty

Central Manhattan skyline

Fast lanes on Brooklyn Bridge

City Hall

Street bagel shops

Tulips in Trinity Church's graveyard

American icons

Inside Trinity Church

Altar of Trinity Church

NYSE and Wall Street

Trump Building

Trinity Church seen from Wall Street

George Washington statue

NYSE, with top security

Car used to limit access to the NYSE

Building on top of Ground Zero

Ground Zero rebuilding site

Explanatory boards on the former WTC site

New York's ubiquitous taxis

An interesting way to park

Tai-chi in a Chinatown Park

A colourful building in Chinatown

Ground street life in Chinatown

Entering Little Italy

Hanging around in Little Italy

Little Italy looks on a the Empire State Building

Italian colours, but Soho prices

New York for sure

Demonstration for immigrant rights

Arriving near Times Square

Times Square

Chatting to a cop

The Pond - Central Park

A colourful bird in Central Park

Striking nice and low

Pitcher perfect

Another strike...

... and safe on second base

Baseball in the heart of Central Park

Making a good run for it

Strike again

Chelsea International Hostel



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