Okavongo Delta (2003)
Photos per year (number): 2003 (65)
Okavango mix of wet and dry

Great herds of herbivores abound in the delta

Our plane has landed in the Okavongo Delta

The view from our camp in the Okavongo Delta

Out in the delta on the mokoros

Male reedbuck

African jacana

Pel's fishing owl

Male elephants drinking

Admiring the elephants

White-face ducks

Having lunch while an elephant has his on the other bank

Beautiful vines in a tree

Chiefs Island landscape

Spotted hyena

Baboon hugging a tree

African silhouette

Baobab trunk

Zebras in the late afternoon

Male chacma baboon

Nice atmosphere of the walks

Leopard track

Sunset over the waters of the Okavongo

Tiny gecko I caught

View from our tent

African coucal

Pied kingfisher hovering

Palm trees and an elephant

Spotted hyena in the high grass

Red lechwe

Guineafowl feather

Our resting place for lunch

Elephant and hippos

View from the mokoro

Bateleur eagle


Lion track

Little bee-eaters

Little bee-eaters

Small frog on a papyrus

Lion eating a buffalo

Sunset in front of our camp

Sunrise on the Okavongo

Buffalo carcass

Inspecting the buffalo carcass

Our guide fooling around on the buffalo carcass

Marabout storks and little white egrets

Red lechwe

Our tent in the Okavongo Delta

Dead leaves beneath a jackal-berry tree

Nicola coming to admire our guide's house under construction

Walls of a house

Thatch beauty

Kids in the village of our guides

Shop in the village

Thatch for a roof

The loveliest hut of the village

The football goalpost

A huge male warthog near the village

A huge male warthog near the village

Cute kid in a mokoro

Kids playing in the mokoro boats



View of the Okavongo Delta



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