Perfume Pagoda (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (34)
Countryside near the Perfume Pagoda

Village near the Perfume Pagoda

The boats to go to the Perfume Pagoda

Putting beans out to dry

A boy rows with his sandals

The women await tourists and locals

Slow boat journey to the Perfume Pagoda

A falcon flies over the river

Scene on the river

Strange man on a bridge

Work on the river

H??ng T?ch Cave

Altar in the cave


Incense on an altar

View inside the cave

The cave entrance from within

Building a cable car station to the cave

Entrance to the Thi?n Tr? Pagoda

A welcoming temple entrance

Charm of this place of worship

Thi?n Tr? Pagoda

View from the pagoda

Inside the pagoda

The altar of Thi?n Tr? Pagoda

Beautiful doors

In the Thi?n Tr? Pagoda grounds

Chinese influence at the pagoda

Water lily flower

Reaching for the skies

Fake money offerings

Flames consume the fake hundred dollar bills

Temple bells

Women waiting to row back



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