Sapa (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (71)
A fine day lights up the scenery of Sapa

Children at play

Going down in the beautiful valley

View of Sapa

The valley near Sapa

Paddy terraces

Houses amongst the fields

Walking down the valley

Horse in a paddy field

Talking to our guide in the scenic paddy fields

Contrasting colours and light of Lao Chai

Young Hmong girls along the tourist trail

Meet the village children

Down in the valley

Hmong villagers observing the construction of the new bridge

At work on a concrete bridge

Moving up a hill in a village

Children running across dry rice fields

View of Lao Chai and the road from Sapa

Hmong clothes put out to dry

Piglets and sow

A Hmong house

Leaving a village

Hmong woman resting

Smily Hmong woman after a rest

Follow the guide

Irrigated paddy terraces

Always joking around with the locals

Sweet potato patch

Bamboo irrigation

A peaceful buffalo

Are you sure this is a good idea?

Checking out the buffalo

Finally on the buffalo!

I finally climbed on the buffalo

Hmong women ready to sell to tourists

Getting to know each other

A nice young Hmong at the home stay

Preparing sweet potato

Helping out with the cooking

Unpacking the groceries

Preparing dinner

All around the kitchen fire

Dinner is nearly ready

Staying warm in the kitchen

Late evening around the fire

Our guide Chi sits by the fire

Late night TV and smoking for the men

Pancakes for breakfast

Morning pancakes for breakfast

Quiet country scene of ducks

Walking through a bamboo forest

Beauty of the bamboo cover

Our guide after a mad race down a hill

Red Zai women waiting for tourists

Drowning the tourists with offers

A cute village pig

Hmong silverware for sale

Red Zai woman by a waterfall

Chi's amusing face

Red Zai woman

A watermill to pound rice

Chi shows the cute horse she just made

Village life along the paddy fields

Our guide and I

Girls playing with simple shuttlecocks

Coming back up the valley

Our room in Sapa

Colourful chilis

Misty local food market of Sapa

Cold morning in Sapa's food market



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