Sidon (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (34)
Beach players near Sidon

The new stadium of Sidon

Asking to know who killed Rafiq Hariri

Approcahing the old sea fortress

The old sea fortress

Walking to the old sea fortress

Entrance of the old sea fortress

Roman columns used as buttresses

The arched vaults

Impressive stronghold

Inside the fortress

Old and new Sidon

The Lebanese flags flies on the Sidon fortress

Port of Sidon

Electric wire mayhem in central Sidon

Entering the Debban? Palace

Inner courtyard of Debban? Palace

Beautiful mirror

Magnificence of this Ottoman Building

Rooftop of the Debban? Palace

Cars in the souq

Old sea fortress

Entrance to Khan al-Franj

Khan al-Franj

Lovely colours in Khan al-Franj

Nargil? pipes in a caf? of Sidon

Echmoun Temple site

Remains of buildings at Echmoun Temple

Remains of reliefs

Hello tortoises!

Mosaics in Echmoun Temple

Throne of Astarte

A lion by the throne of Astarte

Cultural Property sign in the empty Echmoun Temple site



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