Sossusvlei (2000)
Photos per year (number): 2000 (25)
Sweet thorn tree

Sunrise on Dune 45

Sunrise on Dune 45

Sunrise at the outskirts of the Namib desert

A lone tree

Life at the foot of the tall mineral dunes

Gemsbok watermelons

Marvel of the Namib desert's color shades

Geometrical beauty of the Namib desert's dunes

Namib desert contrasts

Softness of the Namib desert

The contrasting Namib desert

Animal tracks on a dune in the Namib desert

Beautiful contrasts in the Namib desert

Shovel-snouted lizard

A splendid curve outlines some shades of this dune

Magnificence of the dunes

Life on the edge of Sossusvlei's oasis

The oasis of Sossusvlei

Life and death in the desert

Red dunes and the Namib desert

View from the Namib desert to the east

The dull yet contrasting Namib desert

Close view of a dune carved like cloth by the sand

Red dune in the Namib desert



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