Stirling (2002)
Photos per year (number): 2002 (27)

Guildhall guardian

Tower of the Tolbooth

Holy Rude's cemetary

In the Holy Rude's cemetary

View from Stirling

Wallace's monument

Stirling castle

Stirling castle

Stirling castle

Stirling castle

Church of the Holy Rude

Stirling Castle lines

Former main entrance of the castle

Castle bowling green

View of the castle gardens and neighbouring golf course

Close-up on a statue

Close-up on the roof tiles

Castle necropolis and surroundings

Inside the Great Hall

Presiding over the Great Hall

A stained glass window in the Great Hall

The Great Hall

Argyll's lodging

Inside the church of the Holy Rude

Castle seen from the Back Walk

Church of the Holy Rude



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