Tripoli (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (36)
Arriving in the centre of Tripoli

Central Tripoli

Poster in celebration of Khadafi

National Museum

Entering the souk

Hides and rugs on sale

Camel tapestry

The entrance gate to the souk

Central Tripoli

A quiet courtyard

Young girl waiting at her doorstep

Girls going back home from school

Quiet street life

Street life

Children in the souk streets

Passages in the souk

Craftsmen working on copper

A skilled copper worker

Old colonial building

Colonial legacy

Former king's residence

Mosaics from Leptis Magna

An intriguing statue of Aphrodite

Statue from Sabratha

The National Museum

Typical green and white house

Old men sitting in a street of the Medina

An old man enters a house in the Medina

Children in the streets of the Medina

A gate to the Medina

Entering the Old City

Roman triumphal arch

Old car in front of a mosque

Dinner table

View of Tripoli's orderly groves

Flat and cultivated northern Libya



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