Tyre (2005)
Photos per year (number): 2005 (19)
Good signs: car for a wedding and Peace Flowers shop

View of the Roman road and arch of Al-Mina

The omnipresent Lebanese flag

Man selling fruit by the road, beneath a Hezbollah flag

UN car

Discovering the superb Roman columns of Al-Mina

A forest of Roman columns

The Roman colonnade to the sea

A rectangular arena

Remains of baths

Beautiful Roman colonnade

Roman stone and marble sarcophagi

An arch on the 1.6km of Roman road

Mosaic in Al-Bass Archaelogical site

The most well preserved part of the hippodrome tribunes

Hippodrome buildings

North side of the hippodrome

20,000 people capacity of the Roman hippodrome

Women unwinding at the end of the day



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