Waikabubak (1999)
Photos per year (number): 1999 (69)
Path up to Kampung Prai Klembung

Typical landscape with grazing herds

Impressive tomb at Gallubakul

Gallubakul village

Funny kid

A huge tomb

A kid on a horse to watch over his animals

Buffaloes cooling off in the water

Colorful fruits and flowers

Coco beans put to dry on a tomb

Old Sumbanese man in traditional outfit

Old abandoned house

View of a Lai Tarung village from the hill

Interesting fruit

A well loaded truck !

Another huge tomb at Pasunga village

Musicians at Kori market

Crowd at the market

Superb house in the very well laid out village of Paranabaroro

Inside a traditional house

Main living area

A private room

Curious zebus

Entrance of a Rangabaki village

Typical Sumbanese house

Rangabaki village chief

Beautiful location for Ratenggaro village

Ratenggaro village houses

A tomb in the village

Estuary with the Wainyapu village in the far distance

Our guide at Tosi village entrance

Typical village of Tosi

Children gathering around our car

The famous skull tree

Center of a Prairamei village

Stilts of a house

Funny pose for me

Tombs at the bottom of Praijing village

The welcoming committee in Praijing village

The children follow us along

Skull tree in the village centre

Skull tree in the village centre

Praijing village life

A nutmeg

Colorful fruits

Papaya flowers at the market

Betel nuts for sale

The central market

Sumbanese burial stone

Sumbanese burial stone

Sumbanese burial stone

Sumbanese burial stone

Roosters for sale

Watubela village where a funeral is taking place

Pig sacrificed

Preparing the pig

Cutting up the pig

Village sorcerer

Women and children

Men preparing the pork meat

Tomb in Watubela village

View of the surroundings

Strange fruits

Banana flower and fruits

Landscape of West Sumba

Paddy fields from the sky

Typical villages of West Sumba

Typical villages of West Sumba

Typical villages of West Sumba



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