Washington DC (2004)
Photos per year (number): 2004 (53)
Inside the metro


The Capitol

The Mall

Typical school buses on the Mall

Spirit of St Louis at the Air Space Museum

A fleeting squirrel

Jefferson statue

View of the Washington Monument from the Jefferson Memorial

The White House

Leaves in the American fall

The basin in front of the Washington Monument

The Jefferson Memorial

The Mall

View of the Mall from the Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Vietnam veterans statue

Vietnam veterans attending a service

Service for the war veterans

The path in front of our old house

Beautiful autumn leaves

Grand house in Virginia country

A small wooden countryside house

Stream through the forest

View towards the Shenandoah heights

Sun sets on a walk in the Shenandoah

Virginia deer in the forest

Charm of countryside houses

Sun sets on the Shenandoah countryside

Sunnyside Farms

Gingko biloba leaves in autumn

Caf? Toulouse, Adams Morgan

A nice mural in Adams Morgan

The emblematic pandas of the Washington Zoo

A sunbath for these lemurs

Beautiful tiger

Arrival in Arlington

Geometrical abstraction of the tombstones

The immensity of war casualties

Stunning effect of these marble stones

Rows of fallen soldiers

Tombstones as far as the eye can see

An American tribute

Arlington view over DC

Autumn leaves

Fallen leaves amongst the tombs

A marble amphitheatre

Shapes and shades

Changing of the guards

Inspection of the weapon

The final salute

More patterns

A bright bluejay



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