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Here is a list with a short description of each of my travel stories written in English. The link is always to the first of several pages, as I break down the story in chapters, almost always associated with pictures.

Travel stories

Middle East
South-East Asia

More stories... but in French.

Australia - New Year of adventure & sport, east coastChristmas in Bondi and Sydney
Fraser Island
Byron Bay: New Year, surf, plane, diving
Australia - The Great Ocean Rd, its landscape & animalsKangaroos, koalas
Horse ride on the beach
12 Apostles
Australia - Kangaroo Island, haven for animals & naturePenguins, seals, wallabies, koalas, echidna
Walks and landscapes
Little Sahara and Remarkable Rocks
Ireland - Dublin, rugby and GlendaloughDiscovery of Dublin
Rugby final at Landsdowne Road
Glendalough medieval charm
Sardinia - Oristano region ruins, seaside and citiesBronze Age nuraghic sites
Punic and Roman ruins and medieval churches
Seaside and cities
Indonesia - West JavaBogor
Indonesia - West SumatraMinang dances
Indonesia - North SulawesiManado and Bunaken
Indonesia - BaliHari Raya Kuningan in Besakih
Cock fighting
Indonesia - KomodoExceptional fauna in the park
Indonesia - LombokTour of Lombok
Gili Islands
Temples, villages, beaches and nature
Indonesia - South SumatraBangka Island
Palembang and the boat races
Indonesia - North SumatraBataks
Palace and houses
Lake Toba, Samosir Island
Turkey - Istanbul, West coast and EdirneOttoman charm of Istanbul and Edirne
Greek site of Assos
Izmir and seaside towns
Thailand - Royal wonders in Bangkok & AyuthayaPalace and temples
Bangkok and Ayuthaya

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