Africa (2003)
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Irrigated patches of crops in the arid plains

Township near Johannesburg

Part of Johannesburg seen from the sky

Coming into Johannesburg by car

Snapshot of myself

South African Highway

Mysterious atmosphere of our first camp

The misty pond near our camp

Pied kingfisher above the morning mist

Surrounding mountains

Rock dassies in the camp

Vultures flying away from a donkey carcass

Vulture and pied crows waiting to return to a donkey carcass

Cattle along the road through Botswana

Orange trumpet vines at one of our halts

The first fill of our car, in Botswana

Locals at one of our halts

Typical transport, as seen driving past

End of the afternoon on a road in Botswana

Curious kids

Night is falling over our first day

A local meal is served for us on our first evening in Botswana

Meyer's parrot

Leroo La Tau Lodge

Leroo La Tau camp has very tame zebras indeed

Antelope tracks in the river bed

The dry river bed near Leroo La Tau is the setting of a stunning start to our wildlife experience

Bushbuck mother and baby

Shy steenbok eating

Shy steenbok interrupting its lunch

Pale-chanting goshawk

Termites at work

Bird of prey

Resting springbok

Lionness amongst her potential preys

Ostriches look weary as they have spotted the lionesses

Desolate landscape of the waterhole where the herbivores must drink

The springboks wait for a possibility to drink

Lionness stalking the springbok

The lioness gives up hunting for a while and rejoin her three cubs

Male springboks fighting each other

A lioness aborts a run at springboks

The cubs join in on the feed

Finding our way in Nxai Pan

Tracks in the Nxai Pan park

Giant baobab

Lioness drinking after her springbok meal

The jackals come in to try to steal some part of the springbok kill

Elephant skeleton in Nxai Pan

Woman tending to her hut

People outside a local shop

Kid playing along the road

Friendly and relaxed welcome to the camp

Lionness at night

Lion cub at night

Springhare at night

Brown snake eagle

Vultures in the palm trees of the river bed

Perched eagle


Vultures feeding on a dead wildebeest

Black-backed jackals

The gory image of death

A feeding orgy

Vultures awaiting their turn

A vulture impresses the others

Warthogs enjoying a meal

Kudus weary of our presence

Hippo going to cool in one of the rare pools left in the river bed

Hippos on the shore of a small pool

Carcass of a wildebeest

Remains of a wildebeest

Zebra carcass

Beautiful palm trees in the river bed

Wildebeests running off

The river bed marks the separation between wildlife and cattle

Stripes of life and death

A dog enjoys a free meal of zebra

Vultures abound in the river bed

Sandgrouse fill up with water for their young

Lilac breasted roller

Crocodile in a shrinking pond

African fish eagle

Trying to get out of the sand

Brown snake eagle

Grey lourie

Okavango mix of wet and dry

Great herds of herbivores abound in the delta

Our plane has landed in the Okavongo Delta

The view from our camp in the Okavongo Delta

Out in the delta on the mokoros

Male reedbuck

African jacana

Pel's fishing owl

Male elephants drinking

Admiring the elephants

White-face ducks

Having lunch while an elephant has his on the other bank

Beautiful vines in a tree

Chiefs Island landscape

Spotted hyena

Baboon hugging a tree

African silhouette

Baobab trunk

Zebras in the late afternoon

Male chacma baboon

Nice atmosphere of the walks

Leopard track

Sunset over the waters of the Okavongo

Tiny gecko I caught

View from our tent

African coucal

Pied kingfisher hovering

Palm trees and an elephant

Spotted hyena in the high grass

Red lechwe

Guineafowl feather

Our resting place for lunch

Elephant and hippos

View from the mokoro

Bateleur eagle


Lion track

Little bee-eaters

Little bee-eaters

Small frog on a papyrus

Lion eating a buffalo

Sunset in front of our camp

Sunrise on the Okavongo

Buffalo carcass

Inspecting the buffalo carcass

Our guide fooling around on the buffalo carcass

Marabout storks and little white egrets

Red lechwe

Our tent in the Okavongo Delta

Dead leaves beneath a jackal-berry tree

Nicola coming to admire our guide's house under construction

Walls of a house

Thatch beauty

Kids in the village of our guides

Shop in the village

Thatch for a roof

The loveliest hut of the village

The football goalpost

A huge male warthog near the village

A huge male warthog near the village

Cute kid in a mokoro

Kids playing in the mokoro boats



View of the Okavongo Delta

Aerial view of Maun

Ground hornbill eating

Crocodile on the bank near where we crossed

Couple of ground hornbills

Martial eagle eating a snake

Lilac breasted roller

Lilac breasted roller flying off

Our camp fire

Marching army of ants, back from a termite nest plunder

Chobe Park's western border

Boys in the shade

Sable antelope

Sable antelope running off

Group of baboons crossing from Namibia

Baboon plundering a litter bin

Male waterbucks


Marabout stork

Pelicans in flight

Big group of elephants on the Chobe riverfront


Elephants crossing the river


Female impala

Male impala grazing wearily

Impalas darting off

Impalas dashing away

Typical view of the Chobe riverfront

Hippopotamus eating

Rock python

African spoonbills

Juvenile hooded vulture

Lilac breasted roller

Young oribi

Lilac breasted roller

Male giraffe

Monitor lizard


African buffalo

African buffalo

Sable antelopes

The ferry between Botswana and Zambia

Arriving in Zambia on the last ferry

Streets of Lusaka

Education in Lusaka

First glimpse of the Victoria Falls

The spray shoots up and falls on us like rain

Zambezi Bridge

Double rainbow in the gorge

Trumpeter hornbill eating

The Falls in their impressive height

The gorge formed by the Falls

Beauty of the Victoria Falls

Top of the Falls looking onto Zimbabwe

Young cheeky baboon on our car

Curios for sale at the entrance of Mosi-Oa-Tunya park

The Zambezi runs after the Falls

Vines in the tropical jungle of the Falls

Dragonfly at rest

My hand - for the fun of it!

The spray of the Falls hovers above the Zambezi River

Spider web in the Vic Falls mist

Young baboon

Baby baboon playing

Baboon mother and child

Symbols of our trip

Sun shines on the Falls

Yawning baboon

Facing the giant

A glimpse of the width

Endless fascination in front of the Falls

The sun sets behind the waters

Last vision of the mighty falls

Fisherman in the Zambezi just next to the edge of the Falls

A fisherman on top of the Falls

A panorama of the Falls at dusk

The Falls at dusk

Our accommodation in Livingstone: Faulty Towers

Driving to the Luangwa Bridge

Luangwa Bridge

Typical sight from our car on African roads

The bicycle is still queen in Africa

A typical use of the middle of the road by many Africans

Traditional transports still abound

Whizzing past village life

Typical sight as we cross Zambia from West to East in a day

An impressive truck dashes past us

The elders look after the other kids

Nearing eastern Zambia

Drive on a very bad track at night

Our camp site in South Luangwa

Hippopotamus on the banks of the Luangwa River

Lion couple spotted literally as we enter the park

Lionness and cub behind the dry grass

Lion couple at the waterhole

The lion cub explores the world around him as the adults lie inactive

Lion couple waiting for the next move

Lionness stalking an incoming impala

Lion male curious to see what the female is up to

Male lion on the move

Lion marking his territory by urinating

Moody lionness

Lion scarred by the years

I drive after the lions on the move

Two of the lions we followed

Saddle-billed storks

Tree squirrel


Oxpecker on an impala

Male puku

Saddle-billed storks and impalas

Four towers

Elephant reaching out for leaves

Baby elephant and mother

Elephant grabbing some leaves to eat

Elephant munching on leaves

Grey hornbill

Impala dashing across the road

Hippos lying on the bank next to a lodge

Baby hippo heading for a swim

White-fronted bee-eater

Egyptian geese

Egyptian geese flying off

Hippos avoiding the heat in the Luangwa River

Viewing hippos on the banks of the Luangwa River

Pukus and baboons

Baby yellow baboon and mother

Spider that fell on me

One of the cooks is making fresh bread

Off for a game drive in South Luangwa

Hippo wandering off to eat at the end of the afternoon

Banded mongoose following baboons

Elephant near the road during our game drive

Open-billed storks

Hippo and baby

Yawning hippo

Yawning hippo

Zebras at sunset

Landscape in South Luangwa

Sunset over the Luangwa River

Elephant shrew at night

Hippos feeding at night

Giant eagle owl blinded by our light

Large-spotted genet spotted in a tree at night

White-tailed mongoose

Group of storks

Saddle-billed stork and sacred ibis


Marabout stork perched on a baobab

Red-necked francolin and chicks

Beautiful great kudu couple

African buffaloes grazing

Moody hippos

Social weaver nests

Social weaver nests

Big nile crocodile retreating into the water

Young giraffe approached by an adult

Young giraffe, surprisingly calm

Pukus at rest

Beauty of a male Thornicroft giraffe's robe

Old adult Thornicroft giraffe

Thorns of an acacia

Large herd of buffaloes

A large buffalo observes us

Crocodiles at the entrance to South Luangwa

Hippos on the banks near the entrance to the park

Animals slow our approach to the camp

An elephant tries to impress us ar we near the camp

This elephant just had a mud bath

Sunset over Luangwa River

The sunset turns to pink

Beauty of the river

Our night drive guides

Mozambican nightjar

Zambians running in the morning

Zambian boy

Local transport can be comfortable...

Local transport in Malawi

People everywhere in Malawi

Kids horsing around as we arrive

Emmanuel's as night falls

The locals take it easy

Malawi youth chatting at night

The kitchen at night

Girls playing under a street lamp at night

Kids playing at night

The guard reads about his country

Getting around on the lake

Shores of Lake Malawi

The kids wait to sell their fish

Morning activity on the lake

Everyone gets around with a mokoro

Tourists mix and learn from the locals

Mumbo Island

A colourful skink lizard

Mumbo Island

Seeds in a tree

Pied kingfishers perched on a tree

Missed photo of fish eagle catch

African fish eagle waiting for a fish

African fish eagle eating one of our fish

African fish eagle having a drink

African fish eagle flying by with a catch

Man from Mumbo Island

Mumbo Island beach

Sunset over Mumbo Island

Fishermen cleaning nets

The day's catch of lake fish

A fisherman skillfully extracts the fish

Boys fooling around on the beach

Tete Bridge at sunrise

Early activity on Tete Bridge

Tete Bridge at sunrise

Mozambican village

Mozambican village

Mozambican village

Mozambican village

Mozambican village

Mozambican villagers

Women coming for water in the river bed

Kid with his fawn for sale

Lost place in Mozambique

On our way down Mozambique

Women washing clothes in the river bed

Petrol station man filling up our car manually

Middle of nowhere in Mozambique

Sunset in the heart of Mozambique

Glorious sun rays

Well camouflaged gecko

Moon's glow over Vilankulo

Sunrise in Vilankulo

Sunrise in Vilankulo

Early morning stroll

Active on a boat at low tide

Morning glory of Mozambique's coast

Morning on the Baobab beach

The Baobab beach bar

Our camp site at Baobab beach

White egrets on the beach

Our dive boat waiting for us during lunch

Seashells on a Bazaruto sand dune

Bazaruto sand dune

Bazaruto natural park

Mixed habitat of Bazaruto Island

The receding tide between Bazaruto and Benguerra reveals beautiful colours

Variety of landscape on Bazaruto Island

Steep dune on Bazaruto Island

Charm of the Bazaruto natural park

Baobab Beach

Old man eating

John in his Ultima Hora restaurant

Abandoned ship in Inhambanhe Bay

Telecom building in Inhambanhe

Inhambanhe quay

Ship up for repairs

Men repairing a ship

Pharmacy in Inhambanhe

Inhambanhe Bay

Revolutionary monument in Inhambanhe

Tofo Beach in the nice evening

Tofo Beach in the rainy morning

The rain keeps us ashore

Signs against AIDS abound on trees in Mozambique

Our camp set up to dry in Maputo

Kid playing literally in the street

Backstreet in Maputo

Workers in Maputo

Maputo cathedral

Maputo Railway Station

Maputo City Hall

Typical high rise flats in Maputo

Capoiehra music

Capoiehra in the streets of Maputo

White rhinoceros surrounded by cattle egret

Elephant crossing the road just in front of us

Hippopotamus in a pond

White-fronted bee-eater

Chacma baboon

Male great kudu

Male great kudu

Male great kudu

Nile crocodile

Snapshots of a leopard

Ground hornbill

African buffaloes

Peter's epauleted fruit bat

Peter's epauleted fruit bat


Female klipspringer

Juvenile African fish eagle landing by the waterhole

South African plains at sunset



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