Asia (2007)
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Saying hi to the sharks in Sentosa

Siloso Beach on Sentosa

Seeing the city in the distance from Sentosa

Sentosa, harbour and city

View of Harbourfront

Peacock lady ignore the male

Peacock indifference

Shoot the ball through the hole

The art of making dumplings

Choosing dim sum

Here's to Chinese food!

Eating Chinese food

Tossing freshly made noodles

View of Singapore at dusk

The Merlion, mascot of the Singapore Slingers

The merlion and I

Go Slingers!

Crowds in Pagoda Street for Chinese New Year

Crowds for Chinese New Year purchases

Incessant buying frenzy

Chinatown on Chinese New Year

Colourful fruit

Chinese New Year pears

Men playing Chinese chess in Chinatown

Clothing lines in Chinatown

Royal Peacock Hotel

Lunch at the Royal Peacock Hotel

Street in Chinatown

The Merlion of Sentosa

Butterfly Park

Gentle encounter

Cross-eyed encounter

An easy meal?

Central town, seen from Fort Canning

Musical fountains

Penang city center

Batik making

Kek Lok Si Temple seen from the road

Arriving at Kek Lok Si Temple


Rows of lampoons

Inside a shrine

Offerings to Buddha

View from Kek Lok Si Temple

Ban Po Thar

Lampoon rows

Penang density

Kuan Yin, goddess of mercy

Kek Lok Si Temple under the rain

Snake temple

One of the vipers of the snake temple

Tourist photos with the snakes

Snakes on the altar

Strange sight!

Fisherman village on the water

The grand Eastern & Oriental Hotel

Victoria Memorial Clock Tower

Remains of Fort Cornwallis

City Hall

St George's Church

St George's Church and its pavilion

Seashore of Penang

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion entrance

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Khoo Kongsi clan temple

Details of the Dragon Mountain Hall

Weeping monk

Laughing monk

Khoo Kongsi temple entrance

An altar of the Dragon Mountain Hall

List of all famous Khoos

More plaques to celebrate Khoos

Detailed murals

Detailed murals

Details of an altar

Nine Old Men mural in Khoo Kongsi

Courtyard of the Khoo Kongsi

Khoo Kongsi buildings

The reception hall of Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Main door of the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Scene from last century

Beautiful colours of Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Strange stick insect

Leaf insect

Pitcher plant

Battling a giant beetle

Glorious bus company staff in Penang

At the Science Center

Wrestling with a frog

Frenchman and a frog

Mysterious Men expo

Night falls on the Singapore River

On the boat

The Fullerton Hotel at night

The Merlion in the Marina

Night time on the Marina

The treetop walk

Wild monkey in the forest

Hyena at the Singapore Night Safari

Street in Bangkok

Erawan Shrine

Kids splashing out for the Water Festival

Making flower offerings

Royal Palace grounds

Entrance guard

A bronze statue and I

A glimpse of me in a decorative mirror

Offerings at Wat Phra Kaew

Grand Palace Hall

Palace buildings

Royal guards on the move

Policeman handing out a fine

Young folks offering some talc

Splashing out on the cars

Quiet life on temple grounds

Impressive water power to splash cars

Kids organised to max out the splash

A great outdoor restaurant

Outdoor restaurant at night

Reclining Buddha

Head of the reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha head

Reclining my head

Beautiful mother-of-pearl engravings

Cups for coin offerings

Procession of coin offerings

Writing wishes in Wat Pho

Making flower offerings

Lotus flower offerings

Blessing Buddha images

Blessings by a priest

Receiving a bracelet

Blessing a monk statue

Phahurat Market lane

Inside a Sikh temple

Wat Thepthidaram

Thai kid playing in the sand

Buddha of Wat Thepthidaram

Water lily to brighten up the Golden Mount

Wat Saket at the top of the Golden Mount

Prayers on the Golden Mount

View of Bangkok

Running on the burning ground

View of Singapore's center from Mount Faber

The commercial harbour

Vivocity and Sentosa

Loud laughing thrush birds in the trees

Young mantis climbing on me

A young mantis crawls on me

Harbourfront seen from Mount Faber

Snake charmer in Sentosa

Speeding on the luge in Sentosa

Skyride in Sentosa

Contrasts at East Coast Park

The bedroom of Kamala Beach Estate

Living room of the Kamala Beach Estate

Morning rises in Kamala

Fisherman boats

Around Kamala

Temple and boats in Kamala

Tsunami Hazard Zone

Kamala Beach Estate seen from Kamala Beach

Taking off from the north-east of Phuket

First glimpse of the limestone cliffs

Beauty of Phang Nga Bay

The islands emerge from the mist

Fish eagles soart close to the boat

Swooping fish eagles

Gazing at the impressive cliffs

Limestone islands

The guides await us

Impressive rocks and plants

Our boat, seen from the canoe

Entering the cave to access the lagoon

Coming out of the cave

Inside the lagoon of Ko Panuk

Coming out of the cave

Navigating along the islands

Small black egrets guard the bat cave

Inside Bat Cave

Lagoon accessed from the Bat Cave

Beaufiful mangrove

A mudskipper in the mangrove

Our beautiful self-made offerings

Bar in Patong

Butterfly in the forest

At the Bang Pae Falls

Thais at the Bang Pae Falls

Gibbons being rehabilitated

Young gibbons in the rehabilitation centre

View of Phuket Town

Sino-portuguese style mansion

A beautiful house in Phuket Town

Thanon Dibuk houses

Traffic life

Pool of Kamala Beach Estate

Night in Kamala

MC Pirate

Finishing the evening

Birthday dinner Au Jardin

Candles in a Buddhist temple

Patterns of empty spots for Buddha statuettes

Buddha for the Year of the Snake

A new Buddhist temple

The luxurious garden on the roof

Roof of the Buddha Tooth Temple

Old OCBC building in Chinatown

Sri Mariamman temple

Behind the scenes of Boat Quay

Raffles statue at the alleged place of his landing

The Marina scene

Looking back to the mouth of the Singapore River

Marina Bay scene by night

Aurelia takes a shot at the turtles

Flower in the Botanical Gardens

A bug out of camouflage

Walking towards Boat Quay

Botero's bird, by the Singapore River

New wing of the Museum of Singapore

Dome of the Museum of Singapore

Crowds packed to see some of the action

Someone has fainted

National Day Parade

View from our hotel in Miri

Fish market stalls

Tua Pek Kong temple

Images on the Tua Pek Kong temple

Altar of the Tua Pek Kong temple

Inside the Tua Pek Kong temple

A charming lantern

Altar candles

An imposing dragon

Back of the Tua Pek Kong temple

Playing in the late afternoon

2 of our dinner lobsters

Fresh lobster for dinner!

Our dry butter masterpiece lobster

Nesting swallows next to our hotel room

Beautiful river in Sarawak

Impressive approach to the caves

Clearing from which to admire the Deer Cave

Inside Lang Cave

Entrance of Lang Cave

The amazing formations

Cave formations

Deer Cave entrance

Lush nature at the mouth of Deer Cave

Inside Deer Cave

Bats leaving Deer Cave

Bats flying off at dusk

Some of the 2-3 million bats flying off tonight

Sunset on Mulu NP

The entrance of the Royal Mulu Resort

Colours of Sarawak at the Royal Mulu Resort

Drinking an independence cocktail

Pool of the Royal Mulu Resort

A lost moth

Pretending to eat a moth

Decorations of the Royal Mulu Resort

Lovely surroundings of the Royal Mulu Resort

The river awaits us

On board the long boat

Morning life along the river

Scenery on the river

Penan settlement village

A local chicken in the village

A young boy sees us approaching

Longhouse in a Penan settlement

Penan village

An old lady plays a tune

The long house

Children in the river

Tourist boats pass by the village

Inside the Wind Cave

King's Chamber in the Wind Cave

River near the Clearwater Cave

Boat stop near Clearwater Cave

A giant squirrel passes by

A well camouflaged lizard

A small lizard climbs away

A damselfly makes a halt

Jackfruit tree?

A large stick insect

One of the rare butterflies to land

Views from the canopy walk

Impressive lianas dropping down to the stream

Beautiful new leaves

A still dragonfly grants me a close-up

Our first pitcher plant

The bridge out of Mulu NP

Hitching a ride

Dining hall

Traditional dances

Showing dances from various tribes

More local dances

Pilot of our small propeller plane

Endless jungle below us

A small waterfall in Lambir NP

Strange round circles in the stream

Impressive view at the end of the walk

The nice waterfall

Training for boat races

Evening life on the Sarawak River

Modern and old in Kuching

The former courthouse

Central Kuching colonial architecture

Bako village houses on stilts

Beautiful views of Bako arise

Bako morning waters

A lone fisherman in Bako

Mangrove at the Bako landing point

A bearded pig and a macaque in the Bako camp

Bearded pig grazing in the camp

Close-up on this strange pig

Roots everywhere along the path

Making our way along a trail

Telok Paku beach

An interesting insect

A camouflaged gecko

Beauty of a pitcher plant

Large pitcher plants on the ground

Another sort of pitcher plant

Pitcher plant on the floor

Ground pitcher plants

A colony of ants moves along

Close-up on the impressive ant colony on the move

Views from the top of Bako

View from Bako heights

Macaque near the end of the Jln Lintang trail

A silver leaf monkey!

And now a baby silver leaf monkey

The baby silver leaf monkey explores

Looking into the eyes

I can't watch enough of mother and baby

Close-up on the baby monkey

Eating peacefully in the trees

Intriguing rock motifs

Bako National Park scenery

Mangroves in Bako

A plover in the mangrove

Fiddler crabs

One of so many impressive dipterocarps

More roots along the path

Habitat of the proboscis monkey

Mangrove trees entangled

A glimpse of a proboscis monkey

I manage to catch a better view

A younger monkey is visible

It's a young male

Leaving Bako NP at low tide

Our boatman jumps in

Fishing nets in Bako

A big mudskipper

A bright turquoise crab

Slow river life

Hornbill symbolising Sarawak

Top Spot Food Court

An orangutan approaches above us

It's a mother with a baby clinging on

The mother descends to the feeding platform

Picking up fruits

Young orangutan feeding

The mother has grabbed 3 fruits at once

A beautiful wildlife scene

Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre charm

A young orangutan messes around

Teenager Saddam the orangutan

Mother and son near some fruit handouts

Explanations on the hornbill

The old courthouse by day

Padang in central Kuching

Sarawak museum

At the Singapore Zoo with a tamarind

A Malayan tapir

White tigers of the Singapore Zoo

Esplanade Theatre

Clarke Quay lights

Before dinner

Admire my shirt :-)

Pan Pacific Hotel Chinese restaurant

Flow of cars at night

Eating Japanese at the Chijmes

The pool for diving lessons

Listening to the Dive Master

Ferry terminal in Mersing

Waiting for the ferry at 6.30am

On board the speed boat to Tioman

Fishing boats in Mersing

Inside the speedboat to Tioman

An early and fast ride to Tioman

Arriving in northwest Tioman

The beach of Tioman

The sky darkens

Rough seas off Tioman

Getting ready for the dives

Contrasts of light at sea

Tioman beach

Off we go, goodbye Tioman

The Mersing special burger

Values of Gleneagles

Awards at Gleneagles

The clue for the last team stop

The view from our empty flat

Leaving our Harbourlights flat

Bassorah Street

The living room view

View of the city at sunset

Renovation works in our apartment

The mess of our dining room

Western view from the study room

View of the living room

The dining room

A reindeer and I

At the Singapore Zoo

A marmoset at the Singapore Zoo

Elephants on the move at the Singapore Zoo

Elephants holding each other

The male pigmy hippo shows his dominance

Wehda and Bissan look at a sloth

A sloth on the move

The pink dolphin trainer

Jumping dolphin

Synchronised dolphins

A stunning race to the finishing line

A dog grooming shop

Training kids to kayak

On my way to the Ubin ferry terminal

Boats from the boat to Pulau Ubin

Arriving in Pulau Ubin

Off goes our bumboat

A jetty on Pulau Ubin

All the bicycle shops

Striking a Singaporean pose

A quiet monitor lizard

Close to the monitor lizard

Taking a picture of a monitor lizard

Kids look out to Malaysia

Goddess of Mercy shrine and quarry lake

Ubin Quarry and surrounding trees

The MCC Ubin Resort

Plenty to play with at the MCC Ubin Resort

An impressive tower

Quarry with many nesting herons

Our stop for lunch

Eating shrimp for lunch

Black cobra slithering away

Black cobra threatening me

A viewing tower at Chek Jawa

Chek Jawa view from the tower


Ecovolunteers in the seagrass beds

Oriental pied hornbill checking me out

Oriental pied hornbill standing proudly

Mussels on the jetty

Fiddler crabs

Swiftlets on Pulau Ubin

Collared kingfisher

A frog at the East Coast Park

The frog is happy in a water puddle

Basketball near home

Passing the ball to Wehda

Going for the shot

The Merlion is lit up for New Year's

Lights for New Year's

Lights for New Year's

Change in lights on the marina

Yellow lit Merlion

Fireworks for the New Year

Fireworks from the future Integrated Resort

The sky is ablaze

Lights in the sky near the Merlion

The grand finale of the New Year fireworks



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