China (2005)
Photos per year (number): 1995 (70) 2005 (89)
Morning rises on business Beijing

Busy Cantonese restaurant

Cyclists on the way to work

Worker village west of Beijing

Outskirts of a small worker village

Railway bridge

Wall painting

Coal stock for the winter

A derelict house

View towards the west of Chuandixia Village

Inside a house's courtyard

Perched house

An abandoned house

Morning rises on Chuandixia Village

The village is nested in the valley

Old village well

Carrying water to the houses

Alley in Chuandixia Village

Entrance to another hutong

Corn put out to dry

Pile of beer bottles

Charm of the village

Beauty of the roofs

Lanterns and pots

Still life of cooking objects

Small dog warming up

Closed exhibition hall

Inside the abandoned hall


Neat layout of hutong homes

Hutong courtyards

Scenic easter end

Cultivated hills in the mountains

Picturesque village houses

Stunning setting of Chuandixia Village

Isolated temple

Inside the small temple

Expressive images

Beauty of this well preserved village

A passionate local artist

Buddha face

Inspiring constructions

A restored and inhabited hutong

Village heights seen from a courtyard

Chuandixia Village seen from the opposite hill

Front view of some homes

A final view

Typical view of western Beijing

Picking ice in the river

Ice-packed river

Admiring the ice from the river bed

Industrial outskirts of Beijing

Ceremony bell

Charms for luck outside Jietai Temple

Entering Jietai Temple

Prayers in front of a temple

Hall of the Heavenly Kings

Burning incense in front of the Hall of the Heavenly Kings

One of 4 temple guardians

One of 4 temple guardians

Another temple in the Jietai complex

Incense burner

Typical roof animals

Close-up on animal figures

Avalokitsevara Buddha

Relief in a pilar stone

Main altar temple

The main altar and Buddha

Little statue below the altar

Charming pine trees and setting of the main altar temple

Jietai Temple complex

Inside the Tanzhe Temple complex

Charms for luck

The main Tanzhe Temple

Beautiful sunset light on a small prayer hall

The sun sets on Tanzhe Temple

Guard reading the papers

Gong bells

Pagoda at Talin Temple

Charming setting for the Talin Temple pagodas

Old cannons near Marco Polo Bridge

Walkers on Marco Polo Bridge

The lions on Marco Polo Bridge are all different

Close-up on a lion

This is the bridge Marco Polo used to enter Beijing

Fortress opposite Marco Polo Bridge

Dim sum brunch

Dim sum on offer

The dim sum dishes for brunch



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