Mozambique (2003)
Photos per year (number): 2003 (63)
Tete Bridge at sunrise

Early activity on Tete Bridge

Tete Bridge at sunrise

Mozambican village

Mozambican village

Mozambican village

Mozambican village

Mozambican village

Mozambican villagers

Women coming for water in the river bed

Kid with his fawn for sale

Lost place in Mozambique

On our way down Mozambique

Women washing clothes in the river bed

Petrol station man filling up our car manually

Middle of nowhere in Mozambique

Sunset in the heart of Mozambique

Glorious sun rays

Well camouflaged gecko

Moon's glow over Vilankulo

Sunrise in Vilankulo

Sunrise in Vilankulo

Early morning stroll

Active on a boat at low tide

Morning glory of Mozambique's coast

Morning on the Baobab beach

The Baobab beach bar

Our camp site at Baobab beach

White egrets on the beach

Our dive boat waiting for us during lunch

Seashells on a Bazaruto sand dune

Bazaruto sand dune

Bazaruto natural park

Mixed habitat of Bazaruto Island

The receding tide between Bazaruto and Benguerra reveals beautiful colours

Variety of landscape on Bazaruto Island

Steep dune on Bazaruto Island

Charm of the Bazaruto natural park

Baobab Beach

Old man eating

John in his Ultima Hora restaurant

Abandoned ship in Inhambanhe Bay

Telecom building in Inhambanhe

Inhambanhe quay

Ship up for repairs

Men repairing a ship

Pharmacy in Inhambanhe

Inhambanhe Bay

Revolutionary monument in Inhambanhe

Tofo Beach in the nice evening

Tofo Beach in the rainy morning

The rain keeps us ashore

Signs against AIDS abound on trees in Mozambique

Our camp set up to dry in Maputo

Kid playing literally in the street

Backstreet in Maputo

Workers in Maputo

Maputo cathedral

Maputo Railway Station

Maputo City Hall

Typical high rise flats in Maputo

Capoiehra music

Capoiehra in the streets of Maputo



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