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Wayang kulit show

At the sultan's palace entrance

Kids contemplating fighter fish

Sunday market

Dancer at the sultan's palace

Female dancers at the palace

Male dancer in a typical pose

A scene from the Ramayana

The gamelan instruments

An inner court at the sultan's palace

The old water palace

One of the rare basins still filled with water

View of central Jogjakarta

Small birds at the market

My famous first room

View of Pulau Pisang



Malao birds


Paddy fields

The top deck at sunset


The Oceanic Odyssey's deck

Jacuzzi at sunset

Leaving the Oceanic Odyssey

Hindu children studying

Demonstration of stick fights

Crops put to dry in a Sasak village

Main beach of Nusa Lembongan

Sunset in Nusa Lembongan

Huge waves crashing on the cliffs

Another 6 to 8 meter wave crashes

Paddy terraces

Wayang golek show

Action behind the scene

The gamelan orchestra accompanying the show

The wayang golek dolls

Dancers in the sultan's palace

An male dancer impersonating evil

The palace's gamelan group

Temple west of Ubud

Palm leaf confection

Golf course of the Meridien

Tanah Lot temple

Barong dances

The barong enters

Tirta Gangga

My sister

Mock cockfight by the road

Balinese at a temple

Kids playing in a stream

Ducks in a row in a paddy field

Papaya tree and palm plantations



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