Indonesia (1998)
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The house I first lived in

The palace of Bogor

Me in Bogor's botanical gardens

Kids playing in the Bogor gardens

The old harbour

Sunda Kelapa neighbourhood

Stairway to the Borobudur

View from the top of Borobudur

Bas-reliefs of Borobudur

View of Prambanan's temples

Hindu carving in Prambanan

Mythical animal

The wayang kulit show is about to start

Wayang kulit show

At the sultan's palace entrance

Kids contemplating fighter fish

Sunday market

Dancer at the sultan's palace

Female dancers at the palace

Male dancer in a typical pose

A scene from the Ramayana

The gamelan instruments

An inner court at the sultan's palace

The old water palace

One of the rare basins still filled with water

View of central Jogjakarta

Small birds at the market

My famous first room

Fruit market

Tangkuban Perahu

View of my neighbourhood

My street in Jakarta

My office

The old city hall of Batavia

Old town of Banten

View of Banten

Funny kid

View of Pulau Pisang

Plantation of fruits and spices

A building near the Balai Janggo palace

Balai Janggo palace interior

Minangkabau palace

Belimbing house

Lake Maninjau under the rain

Bull fight

Two kids at the bullfight

Old clock of Bukitinggi

The gamelan orchestra

Pencak silat demonstration

Traditional Minang dances

Dance on broken plates

Sianok Canyon at dawn

My house in Jakarta

Sol Elite Marbella

View from the Shangri La

View of 'my' part of Jakarta

Dinner at the Café Batavia

Kerta Gosa judgement hall

Besakih temple staircase

Besakih offerings in a temple

Prayers in a Besakih temple

Decorated Besakih temple

Offerings at Besakih

Balinese in prayer outfit

Kids picking lotus seeds

Mount and Lake Batur

Children near Lake Batur

Sunrise from Mount Batur

Sunrise from Mount Batur

Perahu boats on the beach


Buddhist temple

Bunaken beach

Sunset in Manado Bay

Sunset in Manado Bay

Fish market


Malao birds


Overview of Bunaken

The main street of my neighbourhood

Jakarta after the riots

A bank broken by rioters

Ramayana show at Prambanan

Ramayana show at Prambanan

Dancers after the show

Bas-relief at Borobudur

Demonstrating a superstitious rite

Beautiful Hindu bas-relief

The famous Café Batavia

Dining at the Shangri La

Lotus flowers

Children playing in a village

Paddy fields

Sunrise in Ahmed

North-east coast near Ahmed

Diving the Tulamben ship wreck

The top deck at sunset


The Oceanic Odyssey's deck

Greeting us with music

Milling the rice

Village of Pamulung

Old 'witch' preparing the bride

The house where the bride is preparing herself

The couple is escorted

The couple follows tradition to be married

An old man looks on with a child

Steering the buffaloes in the field

Failure at knocking the doll

Dancers in Sumbawa Besar

Dancers in Sumbawa Besar

A dancer starts the show

The male dancers are happily performing

It never pays to be in the front…

Sumbawa Besar palace

Jacuzzi at sunset

Male Komodo dragon

Big male Komodo dragon

Komodo dragon couple

In front of a Komodo dragon couple

Endemic snail

Flying lizard

Female Komodo dragon

The pink beach of Komodo

Leaving the Oceanic Odyssey

Market life

Hindu children studying

Demonstration of stick fights

Crops put to dry in a Sasak village

Holiday Inn Sengiggi

Huge waves on Kuta Beach

Taman Mini Indonesia

Toraja house built in Taman Mini Indonesia

Wedding in Jakarta

Truck ride

A sulphur source

The barren crater and lake of Kawah Ijen

View of the Mount Bromo caldeira

Typical tourist attraction at Bromo

The Tengger caldeira seen from Mt Bromo

Dream beach

Collecting coconuts the old way

Me riding an elephant

Parai Beach

Parai Beach

Boats moored off the fisherman's village

Towing away losers on the Musi River

Boat after the race

Musi River

Musi River

In the heat of the boat race

Clowns on Independence Day

Clowns on Independence Day

At the market

Palembang's market

Main beach of Nusa Lembongan

Sunset in Nusa Lembongan

Huge waves crashing on the cliffs

Another 6 to 8 meter wave crashes

Paddy terraces

Wayang golek show

Action behind the scene

The gamelan orchestra accompanying the show

The wayang golek dolls

Dancers in the sultan's palace

An male dancer impersonating evil

The palace's gamelan group

Statue of Ganesh

Countryside near Brastagi

Traditional Batak house

Buffaloes pass by in this village of Dokan

An old man looks on

Two guys watching TV

Lake Toba

Sipisopiso waterfall

A house in the Simalungun palace grounds

Simalungun palace

Broader view of Simalungun palace

Elaborate rooftops

Top of the palace

Sunset on Lake Toba

Sunset on Lake Toba

Tomok statues

Typical Batak house

Typical Batak house

A Batak schoolgirl is distracted

Beautiful houses and village

Batak house

Batak village

Dances with a doll

Mosque in Medan

Former palace of the sultan

Batak culture show

Young boys demonstrating a martial art

View of West Sumatra's fertile land

Bull fight

Perahu coming back at dusk

Beautiful mosque

The mosque at Sumenep

A beautiful bull

Bulls waiting for a race

Bull race

End of the race

Waiting for more races

Ferry crossing from Madura to Surabaya

Mosque at Kudus

Inside Kudus mosque

Becak race action

Beginning of a becak race

Chinese temple door painting

Inside a Chinese temple

Goa Gajah temple

Goa Gajah entrance

Temple west of Ubud

Palm leaf confection

Golf course of the Meridien

Tanah Lot temple

Barong dances

The barong enters

Tanah Lot temple

Statues in a temple

Me at the Besakih temple complex

Tirta Gangga

A beach near Ahmed

My sister

Mock cockfight by the road

Kecak dance

Garuda in a kecak dance

Young dancer in a trance

The dancer emerges from her trance

Man walking on ashes in a trance

Man walking on ashes in a trance

Bats in Goa Lawah

Goa Lawah temple

A dancer performing the kecak dance

The evil captor of Sinta

Princess Sinta waits patiently for her delivery

Balinese at a temple

Quiet temple

Natural springs

Beautiful terraces of paddy fields

Kids playing in a stream

Gunung Kawi site

Nice temple

Ducks in a row in a paddy field

Lewd monkey statue

Monkeys socialising

Cows in a paddy field

Young boys coming to see the show

Small boy performing

Young girls dancing

Dancer interpreting a deer

Male opera singer

Quiet paddy fields

The bull and the tower

Escorting the dead to the cemetary

Procession for the funeral

Back of the tower

Cremation site

Handsome young Balinese

Young girl being well taken care of

The bull is set on fire

Burning tower

Ngaben procession

My Dad and I with a rooster

Yeh Mempeh waterfall

Papaya tree and palm plantations

Famous bas-relief

Pura Dalem temple

Ramayana scene

Gitgit waterfall

Pura Ulun Danau

Pura Ulun Danau

Offerings at Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot temple in the evening

Plucking a defeated rooster

In the heat of a cockfight

A dead contestant

In the heat of a cockfight

Proud owner before the fight

Shouting bets before the fight

Cockfighting preparation

Attaching a razor blade



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