Indonesia (2005)
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Typical urban sprawl of Jakarta

The national monument

Central Jakarta roundabout (BI)

My former house

Where I played basketball

Mount and Lake Batur, gradually covered in clouds

Batur Temple

Entrance of Batur Temple

The centre of Batur Temple, with worshippers

Praying in the centre of Batur Temple

Demon statue

Children rehearsing for dances

In full rehearsal, at Ubud's palace

Learning gamelan

Goa Gajah site

Fountains of Goa Gajah

Beautiful Hindu statue

Goa Gajah entrance

Ganesh statue in Goa Gajah

Goa Lawah - the bat cave

Worshippers at Goa Lawah

Swarms of bats in Goa Lawah

Cave ceiling covered in bats

The cave entrance and shrine

Resting bats

Statue at the entrance of Goa Lawah

The new Extra Joss campaign is everywhere!

Candi Dasa's lily pond

The stunning paddy fields of the east

Great egrets just landed in the paddy fields

Layered paddy field terraces

Tulamben beach

Boats on top of the Tulamben wreck

Reception area of our hotel

Our room in Tulamben

The area between our hotel and the dive center

Ahmed beach, with the pinisi

Waves lick Ahmed beach

View of this eastern part of Bali

Young Balinese calf

The typical Balinese cow

Market activity near Ahmed

An old woman looks after her wares

Fertile land between two volcanoes

Smiling child in the midst of the rice fields

Beautiful rice terraces

Pura Besakih temple complex

Hindu statue on the way up Besakih

The demons guard the temple

Besakih towers

Guarded entrance to a temple

Simple beauty of Besakih temples

Smiling child, and woman with offerings

The main temple of Besakih



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